Why Vintage Rolex Watches Inspired Us...

As avid lovers of cars, naturally the perfect luxury item to go along with those is watches. Ever since I (Harrison) watched Casino Royale in 2006 and saw Bond wearing an Omega Sea-master, I've been intrigued by the watch world. Sites like Hodinkee give a great look at collectors watches and one day whilst looking at the site's YouTube channel I came across this video. As a fan of John Mayer I was keen to see his taste in watches. Mid way through the video we see him show his Rolex Submariner Reference 1680 Issued To COMEX. I'm not sure why but the name COMEX seemed to stick in my mind and when thinking up a name for our business that name just seemed right. 

Image property of hodinkee.com 

Image property of hodinkee.com 

COMEX-issued dive watches are actually not that uncommon. Obviously they are much, much more rare than your normal commercial Rolex diver, but there is really a well established market for the COMEX-issued 5513s, 5514s, and more modern references. One of the most seldom seen reference COMEX watches is the 1680 – yes, the 70s Sub with a date. The story goes that the 1680s were given to officers and administrators at COMEX, while the no-date guys were given to the divers. This is a very cool watch, and as John says in the video above, this is a watch that nobody would ever look at twice, unless they knew exactly what it was.

A lot of people wear expensive watches to show off. In our minds that is simply not the point. The same goes with cars, we love them because of the time that goes into the engineering and research in the production process along with unparalleled feelings of emotion that come with the driving feel . So the COMEX Submariner is a watch that is extremely cool, a master of design and slightly under the radar. We love that! 

Who knows, maybe one day we will both have one. 

Article by Harrison Hopton  


Will van Wingerden