Packing For Travel Photography

Deciding what gear to take with you whilst travelling is a constant battle between wanting to squeeze as much equipment as possible in a Tetris style fashion into your bag and knowing full well that you might not even use everything that you will end up carrying.

Theres alway the constant question asking “what camera bag should I buy” and simply put, it should be whatever suits you best! Within the photography world there is a tonne of perfectly well designed camera bags for every purpose under the moon, so really it depends on your style of shooting and what kind of environments you are going to be shooting in. So you should try as many as you can until you find the one for you! However here are a couple of bags I personally love to use:

Manfrotto D1 Drone And Camera Bag

Burkard Tanuck 40 Camera Bag

The top tip I would always give for travel, is to only pack the amount of gear that you can comfortably carry on your back for those long 12 hour plus days of exploring non-stop! Figure out what lenses you’ll need to cover the focal lengths for your required photo styles and reduce your lenses to the best for each purpose, and always make sure to have a secondary camera body as a back up in case of breakages!

As an example of how I have packed for a nearly month long shoot across a plethora of countries in Asia in the past, here is a list of the gear that I found essential to have in my day to day camera backpack helping me to produce photos such as the ones above whilst on 12 hour shooting days through Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar:

Sony A7R iii Body

Canon 5D MKiii Body

Metabones Lens Adapter

Canon 24-70mm f2.8

Canon 50mm f1.2

Canon 70-200mm f2.8

Manfrotto Carbon Series BeFree Tripod

DJI Phamtom 4 With Controller

DJI Phantom Batteries x3

Sony and Canon Spare Batteries x3 Each

Polar Pro ND Filters For DJI

A Tonne Of Super Fast 32GB SanDisk SD Cards

Apple MacBook Pro 13”

Plus Chargers, SD Card Reader And Two Hard Drives!

This might seem like a lot of gear to carry around each day, but with the right bag combo there isn’t a struggle at all with packing or with the weight! If you have any other questions that you would like to ask us about anything photography and film, we would love to hear from you so ping us an email!

Will van Wingerden