Electric Vehicles and the Future of Classic Cars


So in the future the automotive world will change dramatically. It looks like petrol engines will no longer be used in the production of cars. Electric vehicles are, at the moment, the best alternative to burning fossil fuels as the cars can look and drive pretty much the same as they do now.

DSC07445 LOW RES.jpg

Obviously anyone interested in cars doesn’t really like the idea of EVs (electric vehicles if you didn’t work that one out). It’s the sound that we are going to miss the most. EVs can still be crazy fast and look amazing but they just won’t have the same feel as cars of old, but anyway don’t get me started on that!

Aston Martin have released the first proof of concept for their reversible electric motor conversion, for owners of their classics. The powertrain sits on the original engine and gearbox mountings, with the battery enclosed within its own self-contained cell. This means that if you wish to revert your DB5 for example back to its original engine, you can do so. This is unique with electric conversions as usually after the cars heart has been removed it can’t be replaced without some serious work that you would defiantly notice.


Personally I think this is a good thing as it means in the future at least we will be able to reminisce on the styling of old, even if we don’t get to hear the wonderful sound of a proper combustion engine. However, I don’t think I could ever bring myself to do it if it was my own car, but it’s nice to know that manufactures like Aston Martin and Jaguar care about ensuring their legacy lives on.

Recently we got an opportunity to spend some time with a Nissan Leaf and we really enjoyed the experience of living with an electric car. We drove the Leaf to Amsterdam, one of the best places in the world for EVs. There was a charging point around every corner and in all of the car parks we went to. Even in the UK a small EV makes sense. the Leaf has a 40kw battery with a range of 168 miles. More than enough for London or racing around town. Nissan are also set to release a larger 80kw battery that should double the range! If I was buying a small hatchback to go to work and back in I’d probably get an electric car. That’s saying a lot coming from a petrol nut like me!

Will van Wingerden