Cars That Will Hold Their Value... Probably

Something that seems to be a conversation people who are into their cars have all the time is what cars are a good investment or will “hold their money.” I think the reason we have this is to mask the fact that most of the money people spend on cars is lost. Let’s face it it’s an expensive hobby. With expenses such as tires, brakes, servicing, insurance, petrol and this list goes on. Then there is the cost of buying the bloody thing in the first place! So something that won’t loose you too much cash is very appealing. Here are a few cars we think are pretty safe to put your money in… probably.

Renault Clio 182 Trophy

Current price: £4500 - £6500

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The first car is a great buy at the moment. However, these little Clios are rare and the hard part of buying one of these is finding one. With 182hp and weighing just 1090kg, we all know how fun these are to drive. The Trophy is a limited edition version of the mighty 182. With crazy expensive rally suspension and Recaro bucket seats this is one of my favourite cars and I honestly don’t see a reason for these to go down in value!

Porsche 911 - 996 Carrera

Current price: £16,000 - £27,000

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This Porsche is a bit of a love hate car for people. I happen to really like the 996 shape. I think this standard Carrera narrow body will age really well. With the air cooled cars reaching silly prices it makes it tricky for us normal people to be able to buy them. Make sure you get one with a dark interior, black preferably or you do see a fair few cars with a navy blue interior that’s ok too. The horrible light grey interior looks pretty dated and will only get worse. Also make sure it’s a manual, the tiptronic is completely terrible.

Aston Martin DBS

Current price: £90,000 - £110,000

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At the top end budget wise we have the gorgeous Aston Martin DBS. You need a manual one of these, the auto version is ok but let’s face it Bond had a manual one so that’s exactly what you need too! If you can get one in the Casino Royale spec of silver grey that is just mega cool as far as I’m concerned However, if you can’t get that colour, black is your best bet. As a weekend GT this Aston is mega. The reason I think it will hold it’s money is the appeal of the V12 and manual combo. In a world of turbo charging and hybrid engines, being able to take out your 6.0 naturally aspirated engine will feel good. Really good! If you do buy one of these I for one will be jealous.

Of course there are more cars that will hold their value but these are 3 that I think are a pretty safe bet, but don’t hold me to that. It’s very difficult to predict what will happen in the automotive markets, and the reason things hold their value depends on the demand for what they are. Just remember if you do buy one of these and it does depreciate like a stone I did warn you! Even if they do you’ll be having so much fun enjoying them for the brilliant cars they are that you won’t even care how much they are worth. But at the moment at least they will hold their value… probably.

Article by Harrison Hopton


Will van Wingerden