Classic Porsche "Project Gold" Sold For Over £2million

The clever people inside Porsche’s classic restoration department have been working on an interesting project involving a 993 Turbo S bare chassis. Entitled Project Gold, they completed a nut and bolt restoration of the car taking inspiration from the gorgeous new 991 Turbo S Exclusive series. This is one for the serious nerds.


So the new exclusive series Turbo S gets an uprated engine with 607hp, 27hp more than standard. However, the 993 keeps it’s original specification of a newly built 3.6-litre twin-turbo air-cooled flat-six engine with 444bhp. That’s doesn’t really matter. This car is about owning a piece of history and is closer to art than a car. Porsche classic have re-built the car to pretty much the same standard as it would’ve been in 1998 but stuff like the interior trim and paint are created using modern materials.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the new Turbo S Exclusive Series a few times now and it is a lovely thing. It’s one of those cars I would love to own but not something I would want to get in and drive. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure it’s amazing to drive and that much power would make it seriously quick but I’d take a slightly ragged GT3 over the Exclusive Series in a heartbeat! It’s a similar story with this Project Gold 993, it’s almost too nice to drive! You just want to look at it and don’t want to get it dirty.

The 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series at The Beaulieu Motor Show.

The 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series at The Beaulieu Motor Show.

Anyway, I won’t be an owner of this car anytime soon as it’s been sold for £2.4 million! That’s a lot of cash however, Porsche have donated this to the Ferry Porsche Foundation, an organisation set up this year by Porsche to promote civil, cultural and social institutions. I’ll certainly be keen to see what Porsche Classic’s next project will be!

Will van Wingerden