Land Rover, Please Don't Ruin the Defender!

So this week a prototype vehicle from Land Rover was spotted driving around sporting a camouflage wrap. If you didn’t know, Land Rover have ceased production of the original mighty defender and this car that has been spotted is rumoured to be it’s replacement. However, we think there is a serious problem.

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The benefits of the original Land Rover Defender are almost too numerous to name. But I’ll just give you a few: The original car was light! This meant that it could almost float over rough terrain, in fact the Series 1 Defender is in some cases better off road than a brand new Range Rover (Watch This) despite the old Landy sharing more similarities with a wheelbarrow than a car. The Defender also just looked perfect. It was classless and could fit in anywhere from the dessert in Africa to being Valet Parked at The Savoy.

The new car seems to be a bigger brute and resembles a Land Rover school run mobile much like the new Discovery’s. However, as of yet we can’t say for certain that this will be the final shape of the replacement to the Defender.


We love a Defender especially this one we used for a recent shoot. Dark green is always a winner!

All we can do is hope that the clever blokes at Land Rover can somehow bring back some of the magic of the old car and inject it into the future cars. Basically we want simplicity, practicality and style. Is that too much to ask?

Article by Harrison Hopton


Will van Wingerden