A New Look To Formula E

Formula E’s fifth season starts in Saudi Arabia on December 15th 2018 and there are quite a few differences to the new “Gen-2” cars that going to make this new season even more exciting!


Now I’ll be honest I haven’t been all that welcoming to Formula E. As a proper petrol head my heart lies with fuel burning and stuff moving about in the engine to make noise and power! However, having attended the launch of the NIO Formula E’s new Gen 2 car I have to say it has sparked my interest in Formula 1’s modern cousin.

For the next season of Formula E the teams seemed to have addressed the issue of noise. Whilst the cars sound have nothing on a Cosworth DFV they do make an interesting sound that appears to be a lot louder than in previous years. I have no idea if this intentional but I have to say I do like it! Formula E are also introducing the Halo onto this latest generation of cars. I personally am not against the Halo in motorsport, if it can save at least one life that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned. I do think that these Gen-2 cars have nailed the halo, it works really well with the design of the cars!


Next season Formula E see’s the entrance of some new drivers too such as Felipe Massa and others stars from DTM. The cars now have a new top speed of 174mph and can accelerate from 0-62 in 2.8 seconds similar to that of a Formula 1 car. The only thing I find slightly strange is the size of the brakes. They seem strangely small compared to what you would see on a modern supercar however, with only 900kg to stop, these racing machines weigh a lot less than something like a Mclaren 570s.

It was really cool to be invited to the NIO Launch event too. Whilst we where there, we got some great shots of the new car! This was of course helped by the dry ice and cool lighting that had been used to make the car look as good as it possible! Like any event though it’s tricky to not get the same image as everyone else. (Find out more about how to get the best images at busy events here) .

So I will be watching the next season of Formula E. Fingers crossed it can provide some proper racing excitement! Like it or not, at the moment electric cars are the future and here to stay but looking at this new generation of racing cars that maybe not such a bad thing.

Article by Harrison Hopton


Will van Wingerden