The Pure Madness of ONYX Concept

So last week we spent the afternoon with a rather mental Mercedes Benz G63 that had been slightly tweaked by a company called Onyx Concept. Let’s just say the afternoon was eventful!


Now the standard G63 is by no means a boring or slow machine. In fact it’s one of the most extreme cars you can buy for a few reasons. Number one, the G63 costs a lot! over £140k once you put some options on it. To spend that much cash on a car that’s design is over 20 years old you would need to be so rich you didn’t care or a little bit mental. Number two is the running costs of the thing. If you manage 20 miles per gallon in your G63 you’d be driving it so slow it would barely be moving!

Despite this though there are still people who want more madness out of their G63. This is where Onyx Concept come in. They create a body kit for the G63 that includes a wide arch kit, carbon body parts and a lot more! All this ensures that your G63 is more mental than a night out with The Who in the 70s.

For this shoot we used the Sony A7R 3 for the stills. This camera’s quality is incredible! The detail in the image is stunning and teamed with a sigma 50mm 1.4 art lens you can get some awesome shots.
— Will Van Wingerden

The car we had the pleasure of experiencing had one more trick added to ensure that you knew that it was coming, a Quicksilver Exhaust. This is controllable via a small remote that opens and closes the valves inside the exhaust itself. Naturally, any self respecting G Wagon driver doesn’t bother with quiet mode and selects loud all day long. With the valves open the G63 is so obnoxious it can set off alarms when you drive past parked cars (so we’re told).

To be honest before this shoot I didn’t think the G63 would be a car I liked very much however, after spending some time with the car I’m starting to warm to the idea of a mad four wheeled drive noisy monster. For a start it’s practical and makes an amazing camera car. It’s tailgate opens to give you a huge boot that works brilliantly as a table to set up our filming gear. I’m not sure the accountant will go for the idea of spending £160k on a new vehicle for us but worth a try!

The G Wagon is a very likeable car by most people too. When you’re in a Ferrari, whilst you feel cool, you get the impression that everyone around hates you! This is the case with most low, noisy two seat supercars. When people see the G63 despite being a bit scared by the Quicksilver Exhaust they can’t help but smile at the madness of it.

Love it or hate it the Mercedes G Wagon is cool and we’re glad that something so mad is allowed on the road!

Article by Harrison Hopton


Will van Wingerden